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A Professional Video Switcher

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Get Control of your Stream

Mac and PC
OBSwitcher is a Professional Video Switcher/Controller for your Tablet and iPhone. The interface will give you the ability to control and monitor your Stream/Webcast from OBS Studio.
*obs web-socket plugin needed

Unlimited Possibilities

Amazing Functionality

Control your OBS Studio software from an iOS or macOS device!

Program/Preview Switching

Program/Preview Switching gives the functionality to choose your Preview before going to the Fullscreen in StudioMode.

Stream Stats

Monitor Stream Stats - When streaming and recording, statistics for time-codes, data rate, cpuUsage, and free disk space is visible in the top bar.

Transition Style

With Transition Style you can choose your transitions and set your transition duration.

Toggle Sources

Quickly toggle your Sources in your Scenes on or off.

Audio Mixer

Toggle mute your audio sources


Go wireless or use an ethernet adapter with your iOS or macOS device. You can also use the controller locally on the same machine running OBS Studio.

VPN Connection

If you have a VPN connection to your site, you have the functionality to control OBS Studio remotely!

Start/Stop Stream and Record

Functionality to Start/Stop your Streams and Records.

macOS and iOS

Cross-Platfom Availability

OBSwitcher is available for both Platforms on iOS and macOS. Control your Web Stream and Live Streams with one of your devices or both of your devices. Multiple devices can connect to your OBS Studio software simultaneously.

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Full Desktop-class Experience

OBSwitcher is available for your Mac! If you are running your OBS software on the same computer as your Game or other software that is going to the web, you can grab control with your laptop or other Apple Desktop device. It’s easy to connect!

Optimized for the iPad

OBSwitcher has been optimized for the iPad Pro and will work on any iPad running iOS13+ ,  you can take advantage of your tablets screen size.

Apple iPad-Air-2-Silver

iPhone and iPod

Although OBSwitcher was specifically designed for the iPad and Mac, you can take control of your stream with the same functionality from your iPhone devices running iOS13+

Apple iPhone-6s-Silver

Coming to Apple Watch Soon!

Apple Watch development is in progress. Trigger your Scenes from your watch!

watch screen


Step 1: DOWNLOAD and install obs-websocket plugin -       for OBS Studio.

Step 2: Open OBS Studio and select the Menu Tools option -   set password and port if desired.

Step 3: Launch OBSwitcher on iOS. Login in with Server IP-address, Port, and credentials - That’s it!
Enjoy remote control!

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We are always here for you.

First-Class Support

Feel free to reach out to the Developers for Technical Assistance. 

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Application Download is available from the Apple Store

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