Video Audio & Projection Mapping Services

Media Design & AV Production

AV Technologists

Utilizing the latest in technology for your events

Content that grabs attention can educate & entertain your guests. Whether its a custom theme graphic, flying through and imaginary space, speaker support presentations, virtual landscapes, interactive avatars, or holographic signage, our artists never fail to deliver.

Our main principles

There is something magical that happens when a group of people are gathered for an event. CVH Visuals knows how to create that magic to dazzle and delight your audience, making your brand shine.

Our vision

CVH Visuals is the architect and builder of 360 multisensory and transformative corporate & concert events. From 3D set designs, special effects, and production, CVH has the personnel to bring spectacular ideas alive in any venue on the planet. We live in a digital world where content can be delivered any place, anytime, and through a wide variety of mediums.


Interactive Media Programmer

Real-time rendering makes Video loops a thing of the past. Live graphics and content immerse your audience in an interactive experience.

Graphics Operators/Programmers

Experienced VJ for well known artists. Offering Playback and Programmer for multi projection blends and LED screens

Content Creator

Every pixel counts! Content and element creation for resolutions up to 20k+ screens and projection blends.

Camera Operators/Pilots

Certified & Lisenced pilots for Aerial and ground Film/Photography. Offering a large fleet of UAVs to get that impossible shot.

Video Editing

Video editing is in demand for the big screens. Give your company or brand a story and journey for your audience.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is an exciting technique that uses specialized software and other technologies to warp and blend projected images so they fit perfectly on any surface.

HD Web Streaming

Broadcst your Events and Shows in Full High Definition. We provide a turnkey solution to you LIVE!

Media Servers

Our Media Servers deliver as many outputs as you need with up to 60fps playback for smooth playback.